Our Profession

The best way to tell about our skills is by what we delivered for our clients in the past 2 decades. Although we cover a wide area of technologies, skills and have a profound knowledge of various businesses, one aspect stays eminent: we deliver quality on time and budget.
  • Touch screens controlled by push-technology via Tomcat webservers is 1 of our specialties. Already 2 implementations are used today; a dynamic guidance system for trucks implemented on pedestals and an on-board system for rolling equipment controlling PLC's via applets.
  • For the largest container company in the Harbour of Rotterdam we performed a wide range of activities. From Software design to database management and tuning. From programming to teamlead of the DBA-group. It all was performed in a big organization with many teams and projects.
  • For a customer in the agriculture business, we reverse-engineered a plant-physiological model built in Fortran and translated it into Java to make it commercially interesting for our customer. The new setup made it possible to access the model via a web-server and provided better control for the user.
  • Ingres is used within the dynamic world of Lotteries. This type of business is typically marketing driven which asked a lot of our talents to be flexible regarding their ever-changing demands. Quality is again a valuable asset due to the public exposure.
  • 'Werkend Perspectief' is the name of the project at the Dutch Police to increase effectiveness via improved automation. For law enforcement and investigation, sharing of information is of the utmost importance. We added a valuable contribution to this project.
  • In the United Kingdom we worked for a worldwide operating computer supplier. Our role consists of modelling, roll-out and maintenance of the contract- and servcie administration databases